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Spring factory

Leaf form springs 
Flat springs 

Pressure and
tension springs

Bent wire parts
Leg springs
Buffer and valve collet springs

Fundamentally at
    in a range from 0.20 mm to 65 mm
diameter and in flat area
from 0.01 mm to 20 mm
 anything's possible
material thickness  

As materials, we use spring steel, steel and stainless steel with all technically possible forms of surface treatment incl. vibratory grinding, shot peening and glass bead blasting.

Leaf form springs,
flat springs

from 0.01 mm to 20.00 mm material thickness
from 1.00 mm to 250.00 mm material width

Pressure and tension springs
from 0.20 mm to 20.00 mm material thickness cold-coiled
from 8.00 mm material thickness also hot-formed

Bent wire parts
from 1.00 - 20.00 mm material thickness in steel qualities
from 0.10 - 12.00 mm material thickness in spring steel

Leg springs
from 0.10 mm to 16.00 mm material thickness

Buffer and valve collet springs
Dimensions to customer specifications

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The illustrations on these pages show you some of the spring solutions that we have de-
veloped for and with our customers.

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Spring factory